The Benefits of a Reward Program

  1. Retain and attract more customers

    With Beacon’s Reward platform, you can encourage your existing and new customers to spend more with greater frequency.

  2. Move customers up the purchasing ladder

    With Beacon’s easy to use data, you can encourage existing and new customers to increase purchases, product usage, and engagement with your business.

  3. Win back lost customers

    It’s inevitable to lose a percentage of customers over time. Beacon allows you to identify, target and bring back former customers.

  4. Set you apart from your competitors

    Set your business apart from your competition with Beacon’s strategically designed Reward Program platform. By delivering what customers want, you’ll have the upper hand.

Customer Loyalty & Sales Increase With Rewards

Capture valuable transaction data

It’s proven that rewarding customers significantly increases loyalty and sales. Designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses, Beacon’s platform is secure, dependable, flexible, and easy to use.

Your Reward Program, Your Way

Tailor Beacon’s platform for your business

With Beacon, you can determine the specific customer information you want beginning when a customer registers their card. Once the data is identified, you can use behaviour patterns to improve and fine-tune merchandising, advertising, and customer service.

Enroll new customers in seconds

No line slowdowns! With convenient one-step enrollment, simply swipe the card, add the customer’s phone number and it’s done. After that, you only need the customer’s card or phone number to earn or redeem points.

Learn about your customers

With Beacon’s online registration, we provide a powerful tool to collect customer information. Simply drop the widget into your website and customers can register and check their balances their cards online.

Capture information such as:

  • Postal Code

  • Address

  • Birthday

Keep customers coming back

With Beacon’s Reward platform, you can set points at your discretion or develop different promotions to reward your customers. Consider customer rewards such as:

  • Bonus points for registering online.

  • Extra points when you spend a certain amount.

  • Double points days

Simple, Fair Pricing

No contracts, no processing costs, one low monthly fee.

Reward Software

Save $60 a year
per month, billed annually
$30 month to month Sign Up

Gift + Reward Software

Save $120 a year
per month, billed annually
$50 month to month Get Started

Reward & Gift Cards

500 Cards 85¢ each
1,000 Cards 53¢ each
2,500 Cards 43¢ each
5,000 Cards 38¢ each
All cards are numbered and printed in full-colour, double-sided on an ultra thick card stock with a barcode.